Dynamic Equipment Recovery Services

The winch box is a versatile service for all our valued customers. Not every recovery is going to call for a flatbed or a wrecker. Often, in situations where vehicles or equipment pieces are trapped in hard-to-reach places, the tow operator will opt to use a winch box.

This allows us to get you out fast and back on the road. If a traditional wrecker cannot fit or get close enough, the winch box is your next-best option.

Winching Solutions For Every Vehicle

This machine may not be the biggest in our fleet, but it sure can handle a big job. The winch box includes a 30,000 lbs. capacity winch, spades for anchoring and 325 feet of wire rope.

Southern Wrecker & Recovery not only provides the winch box but also a wide range of rigging options. Our in-house wire rope, for example, has a weight capacity of up to 65 tons and is about one mile in length.

Southern Wrecker Is Here To Help

Off in the woods, rural job site, or a swamp? We have the matting, materials, and machinery to get you taken care of. We provide drivers throughout the southeastern United States with winch-out services that can retrieve any vehicle without allowing additional damage.

All our services and machinery are in house and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call today to learn more!

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