Comprehensive Accident Recovery Services

Southern Wrecker & Recovery offers recovery services that cover everything from passenger vehicles to tractor-trailers, industrial equipment, boats and even aircrafts.

We provide all services from start to finish, including highway traffic management, wrecker service and complete site remediation. Our inventory includes three 50-Ton Rotators, an Air Cushion Recovery System, and Spill Cleanup Service Units to guarantee a job done right every time.

Trusted By Florida Law Enforcement

We understand that accident scenes require special attention. We work with all law enforcement agencies in North Florida and provide quick clearance programs for Florida Highway Patrol, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, St. Johns Sheriff's Office, and six other agencies.

Southern Wrecker & Recovery’s team goal is to resolve all issues presented and recover all casualties without causing additional damage to the vehicles or the load.


Site Cleanup, Traffic Management, Recovery & More

Southern Wrecker & Recovery has the right equipment to handle even the most challenging recoveries. We operate at the highest standards in the industry and partake in industry-leading tow training programs.

Taking great care of each unit ensures we are ready to respond at a moment’s notice to your needs. Let the Southern Wrecker & Recovery team take care of your recovery promptly! Call today to learn more.

Rotator Services

Heavy Duty Rotators are commonly used for up-righting vehicles when they turn over. Rotators can spin the recovery boom 360 degrees allowing for quick response. The versatility of these units allows for lifting and pulling solutions that are not available through a traditional crane or other equipment. Rotators can be used to assist when other options are not available. Rotators provide quick clearance solutions when you need it most.

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