Parking Enforcement

Keep Your Property Safe & Clear

Having problems with unnecessary usage of your property’s parking facilities? Look no further. We provide quick and hassle-free parking enforcement for all types of vehicles. Invalid parking can create problems for many businesses, recreational facilities, homes, and apartment complexes.

Our quick response team will remove any unwanted vehicles from your property with no headaches or confusion. As always, all services are available 24/7.

Efficient, Damage-Free Impounding

Having the right tools to get the job done is critical. Southern Wrecker & Recovery supplies only the best to serve our valued customers. We keep up with all of Florida’s state statutes and parking enforcement regulations to make sure our customers are informed and safe.

Our specialized equipment and training allow for damage-free parking enforcement and premier customer service to property owners and managers.

Parking Enforcement At No Expense To You

When we impound vehicles, we do so at the expense of the vehicle owner. As a property owner, you can rest assure you will never pay to have vehicles removed. If you need tow-away signs for your property, contact Southern Wrecker & Recovery today for assistance.

A team member will provide all necessary paperwork and, if applicable, will send a towing professional to your location to remove any unwanted vehicles.

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